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‘Why we organise agrochemicals, equipment Expo in Kano’

A tractor stand at the expo

Organisers of the Nigerian International Agrochemicals and Equipment Expo, said it has chosen to focus on agrochemicals and equipment because of the important role they play in the country’s agriculture.
Yakeem Mohammed Kazeem, Project Lead, CEMS Nigerian, stated that there are a lot of agrictech event but there is none that is focused on agrochemicals and equipment.
The company which organized the Nigeria Poultry Expos in Lagos last year and in Ibadan in April, put together this even in northern Nigeria.
“When you breakdown the event in agriculture into subsectors, you will discover that agrochemicals inputs come either first or second,” he said.
He added that the northern part is the largest consumer of agrochemicals and equipment, which makes the region a huge market for potential foreign and local investments in agrochemicals or equipment.
Mr. Kazeem said there were lot of buyers and distributors that are ready to invest their money in the business, making the expo an avenue for the production companies that want to enter the market.
Speaking on why Kano was chosen to host the event. he said “it is the nerve centre of the north,” adding that there is no state in the north that does not link or do business with the state, aside the fact that it is easily accessible by international actors because of the international airport.