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Why Mansoor won AMVC award —Ali Nuhu

Ace kannywood movie producer and an accomplished actor, Ali Nuhu has admitted that his latest film mansoor won an award in the best indigenous language films category at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards last Saturday because he was able to adopt state of the art technologies in packaging the film.

He disclosed that he has never used modern technologies in any of his films as he had done in Mansoor and thus was not surprise it earned him an award.


Mansoor premiered in the cinemas across the country last year during eid-el-fitr Sallah celebration to serve the entertainment needs of the Hausa movie enthusiasts worldwide.


The story was about two students (Mansoor and Maryam) who became too intimate in school and incidentally fall in love with each other.


Their love grew stronger until a group of bullies in their school attempted to molest Maryam in the presence of her boy friend.

Mansoor’s courage to protect his girl friend from the attack earned him special respect and acceptance in Maryam’s family except from her brother who later disproves the relationship.

This situation brings about a twist in their relationship as Maryam starts to avoid her boy friend for fear of her brother. In his quest for her change in behavior, Mansoor (Umar Sheriff) comes across a bitter truth about his paternity that changes his life and sends him on a journey to discover his true identity.

The film is a ‘’must watch’’ because unlike many Hausa movies, Mansoor was woven around real social issues in the contemporary society.

It depicts the real agony children born out of wedlock suffer in the later days of their lives.

Mansoor was presented in the film as an adopted child who grew up in a wealthy family enjoying all privileges of a lone child until Alhaji (Sadeeq Ahmad) humiliated him by questioning his identity after he had been bullied by his school mates over his girlfriend Maryam.

Alhaji told Mansoor to find out his true identity because he (Alhaji) will not allow his sister to marry somebody whose identity is uncertain. That pricked Mansoor to embark on an identity search expedition to discover his paternity.