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‘Separate us else I’ll poison my husband’

A mother of three, Ronke Olanrewaju, yesterday threatened to poison her husband if the court fails to grant her request for divorce she instituted against her husband at the Oja-Oba Customary court, Mapo, Ibadan.

As a result, the President of the court, Chief Henry Agbaje, held that the case required urgency to avoid the husband being poisoned but however, said that there was need for the families of the two parties to appear before the court for reconciliation move.


Agbaje said the court could not compel the couple to live together till the judgment day, but that the crisis could be resolved since the husband had agreed to sign undertaking with the court never to beat her again.

Speaking on her ordeal, Ronke said: “My lord, my husband is not a good person. He beats me to stupor whenever we start fighting. Usually, our neighbours used to invite police to arrest us whenever we started. Whenever policemen came for us, he would say he was not going because he is a politician. He used to beat my mother like small baby. Separate us now, else, I will poison him”, she said.


She said whenever her husband, Sunday Olanrewaju sees her speaking with her male customers, he used to beat her, saying that they were her concubines.

Begging the court to appeal to the plaintiff never to divorce him, the defendant, Sunday Olanrewaju said he was ready to sign undertaking with the court never to beat her wife again.

He said he knew he was guilty of the allegations leveled against her, he was ready to comply with whatever decision taken by the court to allow his wife stay.

Sunday said he was an orphan and he could not find a loving and caring woman like Ronke again.

“My lord, please kindly help me speak to my wife. I still love her and I am ready to sign undertaking with the court never to beat her again. If she leaves me now, there is nobody to care for my children because my parents are late. I don’t want my children to undergo the hardship I have gone through in life. I urge the court to kindly help me beg my wife because I know I am guilty of all the allegations leveled against me”, he said