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Sani Denja named NFVCB ambassador

Sani Danja

The National Film and Video Census Board (NFVCB) has named as its ambassador, actor and singer, Sani Denja.


This was made known today by the Executive Director of the NFVCB, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas. “He was selected by the management because he has shown himself to be more in line with government policies. This has made him worth celebrating and a model for others to follow,” Thomas said.

Denja, who came to have his musical video, from his soon-to-be released album ‘Siren’, classified, emphasised the need for artists to have their works pass through the Censors Board. “It isn’t until your work has been pirated that you now begin to seek redress and begin to follow the law,” he pointed out.


The theme of Denja’s album revolves around love and unity and ‘Siren’ is also a new kind of dance introduced by the artist.