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Robbery attack: Victim denies allegation of sexual assault on his assailant

Alhaji  Auwal Awaisu Rimin Gado, victim of the alleged armed robbery, who sustained a grave injury of spindle attack in his neck has denied allegation of sexual assault levelled against him by the principal suspect, Aminu Auwal Muhammad.

Alhaji Awaisu gave his account while speaking to Kano Chronicle, during his visit to Media Trust Kano regional office, yesterday.


The victim said they were neighbours with the principal suspect at Dorayi quarters, in Kano and he had a good relationship with his uncle, Mustapha Makwarari through whom he knew the father of the suspect about 25 years ago.


“In July 2017, he came to me and asked for a loan of N10,000 and proposed to keep his credentials with me as collateral. I agreed on the condition that he would write an nundertaking with regard to the loan.


“The following day he brought the written undertaking as well as the credentials and collected the money at Singer market,” he narrated.

Awaisu said ever since then, there was no communication between them until on last Eid-el-Kabir day that the suspect called to inform him that the money was ready and he wanted to pay back and collect his credentials.

He added that he gave the suspect his account number, but he did not send the money, adding that “after three days I called him to find out what happened, he told me he couldn’t transfer the money but promised to bring cash on Sunday.”

“I told him I would not be available on Sunday because I would be going to Rimin Gado. He said if that was the case, he would be at Gwarzo on the same day, so on his way back to Kano, he will stop over to give me the money.

Awaisu said the suspect called around 5pm to inform that he was on his way and later around 7pm he called again that he had arrived Rimin Gado

“I asked him to wait for me close to a court which is just two buildings away from my house. I later met him and took him to the house.

“ He brought out the sum of N9,000 and told me that he had used the remaining money for some other things to which I asked him not to worry.

Alhaji Awaisu handed the credentials back to the suspect and asked him to cross check if they were intact to which he responded in the affirmative.

“No sooner than I turned to drop my car keys than the boy stabbed me with an object. I yelled  ‘what have I done to you Aminu’ and he asked me to relax and keep quite. So I had to shout for help. Not known to me another person had come in, so the two of them strangulated me to the extent that I could hardly breath.

“When they left, people around were alarmed by the way the car zoomed away so they rushed in and met me grasping for breath and they rushed me to hospital,” he said.

It could be recalled that the principal suspect, Aminu Awwal Muhammad, alleged that the victim had earlier collected his credentials on the pretext that he would assist him clear his spill-over at Al-Qalam University in Katsina. So he attacked him with the pointed spindle to defend himself from sexual assault.