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Preventing your kitchen from fire outbreak

Properties worth millions of naira are destroyed by fire daily in Nigeria and lives are lost in many instances, or serious injuries, with many of the accidents unreported.
Fire disasters could happen in the home, office or market with so many reasons given as the cause. But giving a good thought to what causes fire accidents in homes, offices, shops or our surroundings and how best to avoid them, would go a long way in helping us to curb such disasters.
Most of the fire incidents at home are said to generate from the kitchen, with cooking fires as the chief source. Kitchen fires result mainly from humans failing to minimize the possibility of fire outbreak from the cookery.
Every kitchen user is expected to take precautions before and while cooking, such as cleaning your gas cooker, stove top regularly; watching your food cook carefully, and moving any flammable objects away from the heat, to keep the home safe.
Some tips to keep the kitchen safe from fire outbreak:
– Never leave your cooking unattended to.
– Wear short or close fitting sleeves, as loose clothing can catch fire.
– Watch children closely, when old enough, teach them cooking safety.
– Clean cooking surface to prevent food and grease build up.
– Keep curtains, towels and other flammable items away from stove surface.
-Turn pan handles inwards to prevent food and grease build up.
-Replace any cracked or frayed cords on appliances.
– Never ever overload electrical outlets; you might cause an electrical fire by plugging too many appliances into the same outlet.