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Potty training for toddlers

The use of diapers becomes part of daily life for babies and toddlers until they become uncomfortable with it. Most children want to be free from wearing diapers, hence the need for potty training, which starts at different times for every child. Some children also show signs of maturity early in life to handle the use of toilet with little or no training.


It seems like the day when your child will walk into the bathroom, pee or poop, wipe, wash hands and walk out without you even knowing it is a long way off. 

Even before your child is ready to try the potty, you can prepare your little one by teaching about the process.


Above all, be sure to praise all attempts to use the toilet, even if nothing happens. It’s important not to punish potty-training children or show disappointment when they wet or soil themselves or the bed. Instead, tell your child that it is an accident and offer your support. Reassure your child that he or she is well on the way to using the potty like a big child.

And if you’re torn about when to start the toilet-teaching process altogether, let your child be your guide. Don’t feel pressured by others (your parents, in-laws, friends, siblings, coworkers, etc.) to begin. Many parents of past generations started potty training much sooner than many parents do today. And it all depends on the child.

Just like talking, walking and sleeping through the night, every child’s timing is different. There is no perfect age to start potty training. How will you know if your child is ready? He will show interest in various ways, including asking questions about the toilet, potty seats and underwear.

Info from KidsHealth



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