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Post Eid tips: How to ‘recuperate’ after a hectic sallah

Go to the spa: The spa will provide the perfect atmosphere to lay back and relax your muscles. Get a massage to rid yourself of all the tension and soreness in your muscles and to relax your mind as well. By the time you leave, you’ll fell like a new and rejuvenated version of yourself.


Get enough sleep: Consider sleeping early and waking up later than usual. After all you went through during sallah, your body needs to rest and heal from the ordeal. Sleep is the best remedy for that. Get comfortable and dream away the stress you accumulated over the Eid period. If possible, fit in a few naps during the day too. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Take a break from the kitchen: With all the cooking done during sallah, you most probably would not want to return there in a hurry. Eat out for a change or get someone to lend a helping hand in the kitchen for a few days. This will definitely assist in the recuperating process.


Watch a few of your favourite movies: Watching a few of your favourite TV shows or movies tends to provide the perfect way to sit back, relax, and forget your worries. It provides a temporary haven from all the stress you’ve gone through and a pleasant time too.  

Do some exercise: Hitting the gym, taking a run or doing whatever physical exercise that appeals to you will not only help you burn the calories you ate during the feast, it will also help you meditate. A lot of people find exercising as a very effective way to ease tension while getting fit at the same time. 

Spoil yourself: Give yourself some ‘me’ time. You deserve it. Indulge in your guilty pleasures and spoil yourself doing activities that will make you feel better. Indulge in a good book, spend the day shopping or with a few friends or whatever you feel pleases you.