Police and troops in the streets

Imagine bloody civilians making camps on a case of two-fighting between two armed forces of the feral republic. Things are bizarre these days. Stockholm Syndrome everywhere you go. When there is two fighting, both the antagonist and the protagonist suffer, but in this one, idiotic people taking sides would suffer more.

You never see soldiers on active duty anywhere in the real world except in times of emergency even as soldiers in those climes are venerated, not dreaded. In Trump’s America, it is a thing of honour to have a son or daughter serve in the armed forces. Proud parents smugly paste – we support our troops banners on their heavy trucks. For instance, whenever America goes to war, it goes because – the trouble, as Shakespeare puts it, is between our masters – and us their men.

Kogi’s lazy youths’ governor, Yeye Bello has allegedly denied his deputy several months of salary arrears. So what? Yeye Bello only pays himself. His evil servants and pensioners have lost count of how much the clown owes them and the heavens haven’t fallen yet. A deputy, aka extra tire is a member of the governor’s staff.

Everywhere you go, there is trouble when a deputy begins to think that the gubernatorial mandate is a joint command – because to the ‘chief executive’, it is not. The idea that the hireling is worth as much as the boss is heresy from the 18th century debate of the David Ricardo School of Economics. No boss is ever equal to his staff. To prove my lie, as a voter, attempt not to hear the siren of your elected governor’s convoy and nothing will happen. I have heard voters say that they are the employers of their governors, especially in America where we copied this demoncrazy!

As any married person knows, honeymoons don’t last forever. Forget those fake social media posts, fictions are as far from reality as the heavens are to the earth. Wise deputies like Saint Gandollar play the second fiddle very well until the baton of ruinership is passed to them, and then they can reveal their real colours. Some poor electorates, think that by queuing to rubberstamp selected candidates, that grants them power of control – fa, fa, fa, foul!

No wise person should let Yeye Bello or Simon Achuba break coconut on his or her head. The elites are masters of manipulation. They enlist the hoi-polloi in their yeye fights, but they know where they meet at the end of the night. Tai Solarin has a fitting prayer for these people – May your road be rough. That’s what we should wish Yeye Bello and Achuba, his quondam deputy. Those on whose head the coconut is broken never live to eat from it.

The two fighting phenomenon has crossed over to the supremacy battle between police and the army. According to Frank Mba, three gallant police officers escorting a notorious kidnapper to lawful custody were mauled down by angry soldiers. In the melee, the ‘notorious’ kidnapper escaped.

In saner parts of the world, you only see the army involved in internal operations when anarchy results or in times of national emergency. Buhari’s Naija is a living Eldorado, Boko Haram is technically defeated and one often wonders why there are uniformed and armed soldiers on the streets and on our roads.

A few weeks ago, when the police were looking for two suspects in Canada’s Manitoba Province, soldiers were called in. They spent a few days and withdrew to their barracks without incident. In America, they only show up in times of natural disasters.

The accused Naija military indicted the police of shunting three military checkpoints without explaining their mission. The two accounts were basically contrary. For the first time in geography, Naija police have appealed to us bloody civilians. See gbege! What is our problem with their two-fighting? Or is it because the police is (sic) our friend? If they ask us, we know who our friends are. We know who could mediate in this case of two-fighting. The same commander-in-chief appointed the IG and the Chief of Army on merit! He should use merit to discipline them both and leave us out of it.

It is true that if you don’t like the police, when next you’re in trouble, engage a thug. Before you engage the thug, make sure you are a powerful politrician. That way, you are covered. I wonder why the police are shy to go to the military barracks to arrest those who shot and murdered their gallant colleagues. They enter our homes daily and when they don’t find us, they kidnap whoever is at home and hold them till we surface. Why not arrest the Chief of Army Staff or a Brigade Commander?

There should be no no-go area for law enforcement in Buhari’s anti-corruption empire. According to the confusion, sorry, I mean the constitution; internal security is the responsibility of the police. If we truly practice democracy, this case is beyond our power. If bloody civilians had been involved, the dead would have been named bandits and there’ll be no room for the re-examination of the rules of engagement leading to the death of the victims. I can’t count the number of kingpins the police have killed in the line of duty. Is this how they get the tag?

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