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“Opposition elements instigated NEMA crisis for selfish gains”

Following the stalemate over industrial action at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the Coalition of Change and Development (CCD) has blamed the unrest in the agency on some people who have vowed to disrupt activities at the organization for pecuniary gains.


Addressing a press conference on Tuesday in Lagos on the ongoing industrial action by Senior Staff of NEMA, the Executive Director of CCD, Dr. Richard Itodo said investigation conducted by the coalition indicated that the stalemate at the agency is a product of mischief emanating from certain people “who have vowed to disrupt activities for pecuniary gains”.

According to Itodo, the current crisis in NEMA was engineered by some interests in the agency which were eased out from the system.


He said the group will not sit back and watch any person or group of persons mischievously frustrate the efforts of government at catering for its citizens especially the less privileged and the internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Itodo said: “That CCD is keenly watching the unfolding events at NEMA as an interested party with the view to ensure everyone in Nigeria gets his due.

“As a Civil Society Organization committed to the tenets of justice and equity,  we will not hesitate to urge the Nigerian populace in protest at the slightest idea of an attempt to subvert positive change in the life of Nigerians in a bid by a few to cover up crime.

“The ongoing action at NEMA should be amicably suspended and normal operation be resumed to avoid further disenfranchisement of tax paying Nigerians whose taxes have been footing the bills of this self-serving lot”.

The group however added that if the needful is not done, “we shall not hesitate to rise to our mandate by moving well meaning tax paying Nigerians to stampede the current barricade at the office premises of NEMA by staff who are in cahoots with these criminal elements and ensure that order and sanity is restored rather agency.”