On Her Majesty’s spiritual search II

Continued from 17th March



‘I think the Queen is getting more and more fascinated with Islam as she gets older. You have seen pictures of her in mosques around Britain, wearing a headscarf, haven’t you? She probably thinks the best thing is to claim the highest possible affinity to Islam through the Prophet’s bloodline. But it doesn’t work that way with us. To a Muslim the affinity is simply to say the shahada, accept Islam, and even without a blood link to Rasulillah SAW, you are his kinsman.’ I argued.


‘So you are convinced that this entire thing is a hoax Bint?’ Maryam asked.

‘Yes I am.’ I replied.

‘Maybe it’s the second theory then, the one about an illuminati agenda being behind Her Majesty’s claim. It’s possible that the illuminati, if they still exist, really want us to also start paying homage to the Queen; as the only royal heir to the Prophet’s household, in addition to being the head of the Anglican Church’. She opined.

‘Well that’s clearly impossible. The Prophet’s empire was spiritual not temporal. And we Muslims aren’t so gullible as to fall for this. In any case, any one with a good knowledge of Islamic history knows that the Muslim rulers of Spain were an offshoot of the Umayyad dynasty. An Umayyad prince arrived in Seville and founded the Muslim dynasty there. The Umayyads, as you know were not related to Rasulillah SAW. As descendants of Mu’awiyah, the first Muslim king after the four rightly-guided Caliphs, they are at best kinsmen to his son-in-law, Usman Bin Affan RA. And we all know that though the Prophet’s two daughters were married to Usman (one after the death of the other) they had no children with him. If only Muslim Spain was ruled by a branch of the Abbassids, then the possibility of blood ties with the Prophet SAW exists, because the Abbasids were descendants of his uncle Abbas bin Abdulmuttalib. But the Umayyads were the ones in Spain, every Islamic history book will tell you that. And this is what makes the Queen’s claim totally untrue.’ I insisted.

‘Yes, you are right. But the illuminati link can’t be ignored. I mean if they are so desperate to fool us they had to create a false genealogy for the Queen, making her a 43rd grandchild of Rasulillah Muhammad, SAW, one has to wonder what they hope to achieve.’ Maryam wondered aloud.

‘Personally, I think its an exercise in futility. I mean we ordinary Muslims will never accept this theory and our leaders, particularly those in the Arab World are already with them. If Western leaders say ‘jump’ most leaders in Muslim countries will only ask ‘How high?’ not ‘Why?’ Nothing demonstrated the puppet nature of leadership, in the Muslim world, like the recent Qatar vs GCC nations feud. In a week in which US President Donald Trump’s ratings were very low and there were demonstrations against him in many parts of the country, the news media announced that he was on phone talking to leaders of Saudi, Qatar and the UAE, trying to mediate in their crisis. Can you believe this? A despised and disrespected leader in the Western world was the man brokering peace among feuding Muslim states? How much worse can it get? But this shows how subservient rulers of the Muslim world are to their Western counterparts. In which case they do not need to claim any blood ties to our Prophet SAW to keep them grovelling.’ I joked. 

‘Then the idea is surely targeted at the rest of us Bint. We, the over one billion ordinary Muslims who respect our Islamic identity and sincerely wish to serve only our Lord and Creator, by practising the message brought by His Rasul SAW are their targets. The idea is to give us Queen Elizabeth as a living representative of the House of Rasulillah SAW, so that we will find it easy to accept ideas and practices that come from her part of the world, even if they conflict with Islam. The illuminati have always craved world domination. What better way to dominate the World than to have Muslims, the only religious group yet to be totally secularized, eating out of the palms of the British monarchy? This will make their conquest of the world complete. The New World Order will take off without a hitch.’ She concluded.

‘They will never succeed in that in sha Allah. Like I said earlier, we are not that gullible. A crazy, farfetched notion like the one that says the Queen of England is a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad SAW, can only send warning signals all over our radar screen not send us into fits of ecstasy.’ I replied. 

‘All praise be to Allah for making us so discerning and sophisticated in our thoughts.’ Maryam supplicated, putting down her empty fruit salad bowl. 

‘Yes, indeed all praise is due to Almighty Allah in all circumstances.’ I concurred.


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