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NPC seeks wages commensurable to productivity

The Director General of National Productivity Centre (NPC), Dr Kashim Akor, has said that productivity in Nigeria, particularly in the public sector is low.  


He said many public servants were being paid salaries for not providing quality services to Nigerian tax payers.

The director general recalled that since 1945, several panels have been established to review and recommend appropriate salary structures and conditions of service to enhance quality service delivery in the public sector for Nigerians, but not much progress has been achieved.


He said, “It seems with increased pay package and improved conditions of service, the public service has continued to deteriorate as they have been unable to render quality services to the public. These are unseen by labour unions in various sectors of the public service. These and other factors have further made the Nigerian public sector particularly unproductive and uncompetitive globally.”

Akor said the centre has developed a model called “Productivity Linked Wage System (PLWS) in the public sector,” saying if well managed it would lead to increase in productivity, build and promote a performance based culture. 

“Wage increment would be proportional to the productivity of workers, and the government would have a workforce that is creative, innovative, committed and competitive,” he noted.