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Now “epp” is not just a buzzword

Two Anambra sisters have developed a mobile application that promises to be the all of the physical markets anywhere rolled into one online.


The name of the app Epp plays on the buzzword "epp" (for vernacularised "help") that’s been floating on the internet since last year. Epp links service providers (or " eppers") to customers (or " lookers").

While eppers reach a wider market via the app, lookers leave starred reviews that promote eppers. Both sisters Kesandu and Dumebi Nwokolo are not new to app design.


They previously in 2015 created Cradle Count, an app on Google Play Store that helps women count down their expected delivery date from the date of their last menses, all the while sending out colourful daily reminders for pregnancy and baby care.

“The Nigerian consumer is selective and decisive. They know what they want and are not afraid to demand it," they said ahead of the launch.

"The Epp application is here to soothe your refined tastes by connecting you with quality and local professionals, products and services that will meet your needs. Consumer and service provider, we are here to bridge the gap.”

Epp is designed to be compatible for Android and iOS users.