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Niger’s banquet and the new bride

It is no longer news that 2019 general elections have been set on course. However, what seems new is how the scenes of Niger State politics towards the 2019 gubernatorial elections get more interesting by the day.


In what seems to be a ludicrous political drama, we have had comic characters in the very recent time coming up to act as governorship candidates of the state. The likes of Engr. Mustapha Bello took to the Daily Trust of Sunday, 4th March, 2018, to declare himself as the only one in whom Niger State problems can find solutions and thus the only saviour of the state.


Moreover, there is power tussle between Hon. Ahmed Ibeto and Umar Nasko, the duo who seeks to emerge flag-bearer of the PDP. But as it is, only one will definitely emerge.


The only question one is left to ponder on is whether Ibeto will not be humiliated in the September primaries as he was in 2014. The fear of which has thrown Ibeto off balance for a while now, evident in how he and his political footmen are throwing tantrums and bricks at whomever it would hit, with the incumbent Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, as the prime target.

Careful observers would have read recent defamatory write-ups emanating from Ibeto’s hailers and bootlickers, many of which prejudicially conjectured that Gov. Sani Bello intends to sponsor Umar Nasko in the upcoming PDP primaries to divide the spoils with Ibeto and then withdraw after he must have beaten him arms down, that Umar Nasko’s cases with the EFCC would be influenced by the governor and thereby eroded. Albeit, needless to say all these have no iota of truth, as the governor remains resolute and focused on taking the state to the next level, and impervious to scandals from the opposition.

Engineer Mustapha Bello is alleged to be the brainchild of Niger State Consensus Forum (NCF) which I will prefer to refer to as the Council of Elders, a group on a subtle move to unseat Gov. Abubakar Sani Bello.

The NCF is made of elder statesmen in Niger State, professionals in different fields, some of whom have become political fugitives. The decision to throw up Engr. Ndanusa in the upcoming PDP banquet will no doubt exacerbate tensions for the duo of Ibeto and Nasko. Recall that Ibeto and Nasko had differently invited Ndanusa to be their running mate. But then, what normal human being would have the choice of either being the bride or the best lady and go for the latter? Except if the same has not come of age or does not have a befitting groom. The wisest dog goes for the fattest bone.

A poignant look at the resolutions of one of the recent meetings of the NCF revealed to an appreciable extent the intentions of the forum. For instance, it was resolved that the forum shall meet with the 37 leaders of political parties in the state, just before the NCF 16th. This is coupled with the forum’s objectives that members will aspire to all elective offices available at all levels of governance, for which purpose a 4-man committee was inaugurated.

 More so, there is a frantic scrambling for disciples within the forum as members were urged to intensify effort at inviting many persons from the state, elsewhere and Abuja to join the movement directly or indirectly.

The Council of Elders also seems to be running at budget deficit. Little wonder why they invite more members to get more contributions, as the sitting members from time to time contribute a few tens of thousands to help with the necessary paraphernalia for the new beautiful bride eagerly awaiting the banquet. This probably explains why the strife to get more participants to this ignoble cause get more tensed as 2019 draws nearer.

For the PDP, it is good for them. But Nigerlites should open their eyes and be on the lookout. They are not only eying the Government House; they want to take Niger State and bring it under their whims and caprices. Kwara indigenes will tell you. They have mastery in strategic lies and so they will fill you with a miscellany of incongruous lies so you can vote them into power, after which there will only be a loud silence from them. No more, no less.    

Abdullahi Abdulhamid wrote from Bosso, Minna, Niger State.