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Miyetti Allah accuses OPSH of destroying 400 Fulani homes in Plateau

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has accused the personnel of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) of ransacking and burning of about 400 houses belonging to Fulani of Jong village in Robb district of Barikin Ladi local government area in Plateau state.

The association alleged that during the incidents about 12 Fulani were injured.


The Chairman of Barikin Ladi’s Chapter of the association, Alhaji Abubakar Gambo told Daily Trust that the destruction of the houses started in the early hours of Thursday, then briefly stopped before continued Saturday.

He said, “During last Thursday’s incident in our village of about 2000 people about 12 Fulani were injured and were treated at Sunnah Clinic in Barikin Ladi town.


Gambo explained that during Saturday’s incident the personnel of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) leading Berom militias came with an armoured tank and started shooting sporadically.

“The personnel of OPSH then burnt the entire village of Jong, consisting of about 400 houses. Some of the houses were built with cement’s blocks while some with mud blocks,” he said.

He added that the last incident was the fourth time their village was burnt, saying that since the start of the skirmishes between Fulani and the Berom in the area they have lost about 2000 cows.

When contacted the Media and Information Officer of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH),  Major Umar Adam confirmed that military activities are being taken in the area due to the unwarranted attacks bedeviling communities in Barikin Ladi and other local government areas in the state.

He said, “There are attacks and counter attacks between communities in the entire Barikin Ladi. So in view of that, the command decided to take a step that would bring an end to the unwarranted attacks and killings.

“We are taking military activities now to ensure that any criminal element is located and bring to book.”

He clarified that the military activities wouldn’t only be carried our in Barikin Ladi, but to be extended to other affected areas in order to get rid of all criminal elements.

“This would help us prevent crisis and others criminal activities and promote peace among the various people living around, ” he said.