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Mercedes-Benz sells 1.5m cars in 8 months

Mercedes-Benz delivered 1.512 million vehicles to customers worldwide in eight months this year thus setting a new record (+1.1%), a statement said.

Mercedes-Benz sold 155,918 vehicles worldwide in August, the 30th consecutive month with global sales of over 150,000 units due to rising demand for cars with the three-pointed star.


“I am delighted that Mercedes-Benz reached the mark of 1.5m cars delivered earlier than ever in the year. As a strong team, we will continue to work on meeting the ongoing high demand for our vehicles, also again in terms of delivery,” stated Britta Seeger, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG heading the marketing and sales.

In Europe, it sold 54,989 vehicles in August, with a total of 597,347 units sold within the eight months.


In Germany, the domestic market, Mercedes-Benz delivered 21,442 vehicles in August and 195,163 cars were handed over to customers within the eight months.

In France, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Denmark, more cars with the star were sold in the first eight months than ever before in that period.