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Handy tips to make your phone battery last longer

Although mobile phones can do more than ever before, their batteries don’t seem to have the longevity. Gone are the days where people could expect their mobile to last an entire day, which is often due to the fact we are using them to do so much more.

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But there are certain tricks people can follow to make their phone last hours longer.

According to Stuff, people need to keep the battery level above 50 percent, have more than one charger and tweak the phone’s settings, just to name a few.


Focus on your battery level

Normally people have been told to let their phone’s battery to drain completely before they charge it again, but the website says this is a big no-no.

One of their main tips for people to get the best from their phone battery is to charge it a little bit, but regularly.

The aim is to keep the battery above 50 per cent and regularly topping it up as the day goes on.

Have more than one charger on rotation

It is recommended that people invest in buying multiple chargers so that they’re not stranded with a phone that completely runs out of battery.

Ideally people should have one for home, work and their car and should aim to buy ones that charge quickly.

Tweak your settings

Unfortunately there are a variety of features on iPhones that can drain the battery at a speed of light, but these can be easily fixed.

It is recommended that people turn off vibrate or haptic feedback as the buzzing can drain the battery.

Both iPhones and Androids have a low power mode which helps conserve the battery as it does things like prevent automatic downloads and turns off the screen faster.