Gaza: How to end Israel’s indulgent massacres

Though incumbent Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netenyahu is not just a hardliner, he is known to harbor deep hatred for Palestinians. He did not hide this attitude even for one minute when he first came and when he was out of office until his current regime of orgy of blood-sucking of innocent little souls. In any case we are not surprised at his latest round of massacre of these young pupils punished simply because their father – the Palestinians – asked for the recognition of their rights. The target of that attack was not limited at the innocent kids, the Israeli genocide in Gaza Strip in that particular but senseless paid who just won the Nobel Peace Prize, has the complete lacing of arson as places of worships were cluster-bombed.


When the hawkish Netenyahu returned as Prime Minister of Israeli for a second term last year, we knew peace harbingers around the world will grow more grey hairs. In particular, President Barak Obama of the United States, with his vigorous and renewed efforts surely knows at the back of his mind that in dealing with that Jewish element in his worst form, he (Obama) has more than enough nut to crack


What Netanyahu’s fighter jets did against these defenceless Palestinian kids could not in any way be compared to Adolf Hitler’s primitive extermination, through the gas chambers, six million Jews. Hitler did not use cluster bombs even against soldiers let alone adult civilians the way Netanyahu did just a fortnight ago. The fleshes of these innocent young bodies were reduced to something akin to abattoir condition, i.e. what happened to the school children.

Like I said above, Netanyahu has never left anybody in doubt about his complete disdain for his Palestinian neighbours. And this is one of the reasons why I pity Obama and other decent world leaders who mean well for and are working for the liberation of the Palestinians.

In his true hardliner position and as if a build-up to the premeditated attack against the pupils, Netanyahu had on Monday September 14 rebuffed the United States’ demand for Israeli’s total defreezing of the West Bank. Now, this was supposed to mean a signal to Obama that he (Obama) should not expect any fair treatment from a scheduled September 16 meeting about the defreezing of Gaza.

And true as suspected, the September 16 meeting between both leaders failed to reach a remarkable level. Though that was not really expected, afterall what is going on with Netanyahu is a hard script masterminded by the Bush family that has a debilitating plan not just to scuttle the establishment of Palestinian state, but to perpetually keep the entire Middle East boiling. It is the reason why when any government comes aboard in Tel Aviv, it is just soldier-go-soldier-come, barrack-de-kampe. As a result, the Palestine deplorable situation, rather than abate continues to worsen.

Bush was and remains the architect who orchestrated the current financial meltdown currently plaguing the world. Also, after Bill Clinton successfully cleared the mess the senior Bush caused in America, the junior one resurfaced to do more damage, making the world to hate America the more. All the killings in Muslim countries – Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Philippines, India, Lebanon, Sudan, Somali, Egypt, Abu Ghaib – do have one or two direct links to the Bush. What kind of detergent the Bushes would use to wash their blood-soaked hands up to shoulder level remains to be manufactured because their hands are so deeply stained with bloods of innocent children, women and the aged.

To mark 9/11, fiery Osama bn Laden described Obama as powerless because to him, Obama was merely following Bushe’s war-like policies. Such is the mutual suspicion Bush has left behind as a legacy for America even when, from all indications, that Obama, not only mean well, but has been roundly embraced in the Muslim world.

Israel is really arrogant to the extent of telling the whole world under the aegis of the United Nations off. For its acrimony, insanity and crime against humanity, the UN in its last report accused Tel-Aviv of brazen abuse of human rights and war crimes. Instead of showing remorse and apologising, Israel preferred its usual arrogant disposition: it told the world off.

Well, if Israel thinks it can display much of arrogance, Tel-Aviv has more than a match in Iran. Like Netanyahu, Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmedinajad has equally left no one in doubt that standing up to Israel and its allies is a basic responsibility his government is ready to single-handedly accomplish. He would, in the face of all kinds of subterfuge and west’s grandstanding via blackmail continue with his nuclear programme. Iran should share its nuke programmes with countries that has like minds and call the bluff off of the US who thinks rather foolishly that any country other than Muslim world should run a nuke scheme. What is good for the goose is equally good for the gender. Any nation is a state on its own, and therefore should pursue whatever pogramme, including nuke, to its own desire.

Since the time of Charles De Gaule, all past presidents of France maintained cordial conviviality with Muslims the world over. They respected and maintained peace with Muslims in their colonies. They respected their culture and there were no rifts.

Today, that tradition seems to have been rested by Nicolas Sarkozy on account of his anti-Islam posture. What has gone wrong with his sanity, nobody knows? Sarkozy needs to have his head re-examined given his pensiveness against the Islamic female scarf and nikaff. Before him, female Muslims in France wore the Islamic scarf and nikaff without let or hinderance. It makes them look decent and beautiful in appearance. Sarkozy rather wants half-naked women on the streets throughout France. I don’t think he is being fair to himself and the people he is trying to vainly antagonize. It would be in the interest of his country and himself in particular to beat a fast retreat from that arrogant path.

Alhaji Hadejia (Shettiman Hadejia) writes from 49 Isa Kaita Road, Kaduna

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