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Elbe launches Amatem Forte Softgel

Elbe Pharma Nigeria Limited has unveiled Amatem Forte Softgel at a well-attended ceremony in Abuja. Speaking on the findings of a comparative study conducted on the bioavailability, efficacy and toxicity of Amatem Forte Softgel and another known brand of Artemeter-Lumefantrine tablet formulation by a group of researchers from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), the leader, Dr Omoniyi Yemitan, said Amatem Softgel was found to be more bioavailable in the bloodstream than other brands of malaria tablets.
“It is expected that most of the drugs we take get to the bloodstream; that is what we call bioavailability. The implication is that Amatem Softgel can quickly attack malaria parasites in the bloodstream, than tablets,” Dr Yemitan said.
The Managing Director of Elbe, Sir Uchenna Obiakor, said, “People have started testifying about the efficacy of the product; in fact, product acceptance for a newly introduced brand is highly encouraging.”