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Crying for my beloved Kano State

In life, nothing is constant and permanent except change. But the change may be positive or negative depending on several factors, and circumstances. For Kano state-the former industrial and commercial nerve center of northern Nigeria, the story quite unfortunately, has been that of steady decline. So, as an indigene of the state, I must cry in lamentation of this sordid situation. A hopeless situation about how what was once the pride of Nigeria had become mere shadow of its former boisterous self, due to bad governance and misplaced priorities. What a pity!

In those days of yore, Kano State was a bastion of excellence and a microcosm of anything good and presentable from this side of the country, especially under the purposeful leadership of late Audu Bako and Late Abubakar Rimi of Sumaila. It typifies progress and developments and project out the good image of Northern Nigeria in the realm of western and Islamic scholarship; commerce and industry.


Notwithstanding, we must tell ourselves the truth. Most roads and streets in Kano metropolis and rural areas are in a terrible state of total disrepair, and government’s body language and idiosyncrasies so far, depicts serious lacked of concern and strong political will to do the needful in order to alleviate the pathetic flights and sufferings of the people.


For example, Roads networks like: Darmanawa (Isa Dutse), ‘yan tsaki-sallari Road, Court-road Gyadi-Gyadi, Gandun albasa road, Farm center Roads, and Unguwa Ukku among several others, represents some of the few example of dilapidated roads within the metropolis that are crying for government’s attention. Worse, the agency saddled with the responsibility for the repair and reconstructions of these roads don’t help matters at all, because as it stands today, and as far as many observers are concern, the Kano State Road Maintenance Agency (KARMA) exists only in name.


What happened to all the money said to have been set aside in the name of road repairs over the years? Indeed, in crying for my beloved state, I recall the same pathetic scenario which applies to the health, water supply and education sector. A casual visit to the emergency section of the Murtala Muhammed Hospital for instance, is enough to convince any discerning and impartial observer about the terrible condition of health care delivery in Kano state. Indeed, the status of most so-called hospitals are mere glorified structures without requisite manpower, adequate equipment’s and conducive ambience.

And by way of inference, if the sum of N4bn can be set aside for the construction of another KANO WHITE-ELEPHANT flyover bridge at Dangi round-about by the same governments that cannot repairs roads in the metropolis and provide basic amenities; it goes without saying that current neglect of the social services in the state is not just mere happenstance, but carefully planned and executed idea designed to suffer the people?

And if in doubt, anybody can undertake classical study  of how murky politics have overshadows progress and developments, and how  government have neglected her citizens and focuses attentions solely on politics of reelection in Kano State. One can see the worst case scenarios of how politics have justifies bad governance as typifies by dilapidated roads, ill-equipped hospitals, flooded and water-logged primary and secondary schools and other bad and terrible examples. One can also see a very practical example of misplaced priority in a very expensive and needless white-elephant flyover being constructed with huge amount of tax-payers money just to impress casual visitors!

 Kabiru Tsakuwa, Kano