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Common steps to take

Identify their feeding and nesting places: You will notice their presence by their excreta on food and on the floor, especially in dark places.


Get a cat: They are great hunters and natural rat predators. Rat disappears when they smell the presence of cat I your home.

Leave rat poison or traditional snapping traps in rat-infested areas: The locally made rat trap is very good in catching rats that disturb your peace.


Use glue boards: These are flat, sticky pieces of wood that trap rats until you remove and kill them.  

Keep all trash containers closed and take them out daily: Make sure that you use a trash can; don’t just leave your trash hanging everywhere. Put your trash in a garbage bag for proper disposal.

Seal up all holes in your walls, doors and screens: Check the necessary places to make sure there is no hole in your home.

Stuff the area surrounding pipes or small holes that lead into your house with bronze or steel wool: This will stop the rats from gaining access to your home.