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‘Collecting Moments:’ A colourful arousal of feelings

Female artists support one of their own, Doofan Kwaghool (4th right)

No less than 30 works by the artist, Doofan Kwaghool were on the display at her solo exhibition, ‘Collecting Moments’ which held at the Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Abuja.
The works, some done in vibrant colours and others in calmer earthy tones were inspired by songs of select artists that highlight various social issues. The exhibition was an opportunity for guests to interrogate these issues and how they have evolved over the years into the present time.
A piece like ‘Sensitivity,’ was inspired by the song, ‘Osondi Owendi’ originally done by Chief Denis Osadebay. Various versions of the song has emerged in recent times with the most popular being that of Flavour. The remixes have made the song relevant to today’s Nigerian youths who find its faster and pop beats more danceable and relatable.

‘Let Alone’ a piece inspired by Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’

Another was the vibrant yet solemn picture of the woman in ‘Let Alone’ inspired by Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’ a song which has weathered the storms of no less than five decades since its release and became a staple anthem in recent times follow the death of the singer, on August 16.
The piece presented the woman as being in charge and composed in spite of the entire goings on around her as the brush strokes depicted.
‘Va se vine amar’ I & II were pieces inspired by the rhythmic movements of Benue’s Tiv Swange dance and costumes. The works also set the perfect backdrop for the dancers who entertained guests at the event with their steps and beats.
The colours and strokes blended in a way that created good harmony and contrast without being overbearing to the eyes.
In her statement, the artist said, “My works review love stories, socio-political and cultural issues, racism and slavery through documentation of history in music. I take a peep into the time I never lived to experience the moments lived by others, listening to songs that mattered the most at the time.
Then I expressed the aroused feeling with my colours and brushes. I use abstract figures, lines and objects to express the sensation, the space, rhythm, balance and dominant colours in my work communicates this time travels as it were. In fact I enter a moment in time before I was born and the more I paint each one of these works, the more I see things clearly and I am inspired to paint more stories through music.
The exhibition is a body of the artist’s works that reveal the joy, pain, strength, romance,, growth, progress of people way back in time through music that was enjoyed by many.
The five-day exhibition which opened on Thursday ends tomorrow, Monday.