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Cleric wants elected officers’ salaries slashed

The chief Imam Imale of Ilorin, Alhaji Abdullahi AbdulHameed, has called for a drastic cut in the salaries of elected political office holders.

He said their salaries ought to reflect the current state of Nigeria’s economic situation as majority of Nigerians were groaning under high level of poverty.


AbdulHameed spoke in llorin yesterday in an interview with our correspondent to mark the first day of Muharram, Hijrah 1440 (the new lslamic year).

According to the cleric,  jumbo salary payment is responsible for the high rate of poverty in the country.


He said reduction of the salaries taken by politicians in both the executive and legislative arms would go a long way to tackling mass poverty in the country.

“As the nation marks new lslamic year, our political leaders should learn how to make sacrifices. What political leaders are taking home is too much, especially the lawmakers; this situation cannot eradicate or reduce poverty in Nigeria, ” AbdulHameedsaid.